Blue Mood

I just had to share this beautiful Victorian four-story townhouse in south London with you today. In case you can’t tell, I love the colour blue. I always fall for blue and white interiors. This lovely townhouse has a blue theme throughout, so, of course, I fell in love with it.

With blues ranging from the palest whisper-soft blue to deep navy, and drifting into the aqua end of the spectrum, the varied cool hues in this home explore the many moods of the colour blue. Light-coloured floors balance out the darker hues and brighten up the entire home.

The navy walls in the dual-aspect lounge evoke an elegant, serene, and cozy mood. I love how the art arrangements on the walls, the plush velvet, a mix of patterns, not to mention that stunning fiddle leaf fig, create a lively atmosphere, contrasting beautifully with the deep, dramatic hue.

living room 1

living room 2

The study makes clever use of a sliver of space, illuminated by a floor-to-ceiling window and a skylight. What could have been a dark, barely-used hall has been transformed into a bright, perfectly edited, and useful space.


More views of the living room…

living room 3

living room 4

I love the light-filled dining room. Lovely French doors and a huge skylight bring so much natural light into the space. The family room sits at the opposite end of this space, as you can see. A fabulous blue and white pattern fabric designed by the late great Michael Szell really adds personality to these rooms, and ties them together well. More fiddle leaf figs bring the outside in. This is such a cheerful space. (Look closely in the mirror to see a young member of the family enjoying this room. You can just see the bow in her hair.)

dining room

family room

Pale blue walls create a calm oasis in the master bedroom. This is my favourite room in the house. I just love the vintage pieces and the touches of kelly green and pink. That glamorous mirrored side table and old-fashioned floral cushion are so pretty.

master bedroom

Two little girls get to enjoy this adorable grey room with pops of colour and fun details like that triple light and sweet dollhouse. The pretty aqua tufted chair looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a favourite book.

girls' room

The kitchen’s subtle blue-grey walls are complimented by brass fixtures and marble. This pared-down, stylish space seems like a pleasure to cook in.


For more photos and details about this gorgeous home, see the source link below.

All images via Living etc.


Master Bedroom Inspiration


Master Bedroom Inspiration

As you know, if you have been following this blog for a while, my partner and I have been renovating our home, room-by-room. The next room I would like to work on is our master bedroom. I have been gathering images for inspiration for our bedroom for quite a while, seeking to envision a serene retreat for the two of us.

A bedroom can evoke many moods, from calm, soothing, and restful to fantasy, romance, and passion. I think the ideal is for the bedroom to balance all of these moods, to flow from one moment to another with ease.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Perhaps more so than in any other room of the house, the master bedroom is a very personal, private space. Sharing this space and agreeing on what that space should look and feel like is often a difficult task for a couple. I’m hoping that Glen will enjoy my vision for our bedroom, so I’m creating this post to help us both to visualize what a beautiful space our bedroom could become. I hope you will find it inspiring, too.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Here is my vision… I would love our bedroom to be an oasis of calm, a haven of tranquility, to escape from the stresses of daily life. The room also needs to be able to have a more sensual side. A day-to-night transformation is what I’m imagining.

I always love bright, airy rooms, in soft colours, with lots of sunlight pouring in. Luckily, our bedroom has a big bay window which lets in lots of light. At night, I would like to have lighting options which can change the function and mood of the space, as desired. I believe that ambient lighting is the key to changing the mood of the bedroom from serene sunny space into a more romantic, intimate space. A chandelier would be gorgeous, and using a dimmer would achieve that lighting goal. I also want to have a smaller lamp or candles with some kind of pattern, to create ambiance.


Master Bedroom Inspiration

The colour palette I’m envisioning is a subtle, pale blue, accented with white, pale grey, and blush pink. Blue and white never loses its charm, for me. It’s so elegant and beautiful. My ideal would be to have a Gracie chinoiserie branch wallpaper, with a soft blue background, like the one shown above, from designer Mark Sikes’s bedroom. We will start by painting the walls the right shade of blue. Later, if I can work up the ambition, I would like to hand-paint a lovely branch pattern on top of the blue, to evoke my dreamed-of Gracie paper. (I should be doing something with my painting degree, right?)

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Master Bedroom Inspiration

On the subject of art, I plan to add to the art that is hanging on a large wall next to our bed, to create a collage. I have a lovely vintage Vargas print now. She looks a bit lonely, there, all by herself. It might take a little time to collect and create the right pieces. That’s the sort of project that I feel is best formed over time, organically.

Master Bedroom Inspiration


A detail which I’d like to add to the room is a small mirror, above our dresser. I’d like to DIY the dresser to give it a light grey and white bone inlay-like pattern. Then I’ll add a vase of faux cherry blossom branches on top. I would also like to switch out the dark brown shades on the lamps on our bedside tables for white shades, for a lighter style. We really want a grey tufted headboard. Our bed currently has no headboard at all, so that would make a huge difference in the room, and to our comfort level. I would love bedding with a large floral pattern, to play off the blue walls (that might be a bit much, though, if I do the branch pattern), or maybe do simple grey and blush pink linen or white-on-white bedding (if we do wallpaper). Lastly, I would like to make white slipcovers for a pair of antique chairs which occupy the space in front of the bay window, both to protect the upholstery from the sun and to tie in with the blue and white colour palette.


Master Bedroom Inspiration


Master Bedroom Inspiration

So, there you have it… my dream bedroom inspiration! I hope to have a before-and-after post about the room’s transformation within the coming year. This room deserves to be more beautiful.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

(This photo of Constance Bennett standing in front of a beautiful chinoiserie screen totally illustrates how I want to feel when I’m in my bedroom… impossibly glamorous and elegant. Well, I hope the room can live up to it, even if I probably never will!)

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Beach Craft

beach craft

Have you found yourself bringing home natural treasures from the beach (or your little one has)? Then, once you’re home, you put them all in a little bowl–which is lovely, but you kind of wish you could display your finds in a more creative way.

Well, that’s what I was thinking, so I decided to hang them on a branch. I had seen something similar on instagram (oh, how I love instagram!). I had filed that image away in my brain for future inspiration. Another summer rolled around, and my little boy and I came home from the beach with a handful of shells, a stone, and a seagull feather, and I knew just what to do.

beach craft

Now you do, too. It’s so easy. Just get some string (I used kitchen twine), and a branch, and hang your treasures on it. You need to either find shells that have holes in them, or drill small holes in them. You can also wrap the string around the shells and stones.

beach craft

My son enjoyed helping me with this craft, too (until he got bored, and decided to go watch tv). He’s 4. If he was a little older, he might have the attention span to do more. He loved collecting the shells and sorting them out. He also loved watching me string them up and turn them into a wall hanging.

beach craft

Once you have tied all the shells, etc. onto lengths of string, lay the strings out along the branch, to check the spacing. If you feel like securing the items a little more, just use a tiny drop of glue on the knots. I did that, on a few spots. When you’re happy with the spacing, secure each string to the branch.

beach craft

Then, use a length of string (I doubled mine up, to be stronger), knotting on each end, to suspend the branch on the wall. I used a Command hook on the wall, in case I decide to change things up later.

beach craft

See how easy it is? Now, get those shells and stones out, and string up some of your favourites. It will make you remember being at the beach, and you’ll feel just a tiny bit more relaxed. Sounds good, right?

beach craft

Those of you up in the northern hemisphere can save this for later. Summer will return, and you’ll be collecting your own treaures. You could use other things, if you’re not into shells, like crystals, pine cones, seed pods, and the like. A forest-inspired wall hanging would be really cool, now that I think of it. So, there you go. An easy craft to bring some natural beauty into your home.

beach craft

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Levi’s Room Inspiration

My son Levi is almost four years old. Time certainly does fly! Since he’s a “big boy” now, I want to give his bedroom a makeover.

green wall colour

I’ve been bringing together my favourite images for inspiration for his bedroom makeover. I’m thinking about painting most of the walls a light neutral grey, and painting the wall next to his bed a leafy green. I feel that this shade of green is exuberant yet calming. It reminds me of hiking in my favorite forests, back in Ohio. I’m hoping that Levi will feel inspired by this colour, too. I don’t normally like the accent wall look, but, for a kid’s room, I think it might be a good plan. Their tastes change so much in so little time. This way, if Levi decides he doesn’t like the colour, we can easily change it. Every time I ask him what colour he would like in his room, he gives me a different answer, so we’ll see how he likes the colour green. I love it so much, so I’m just going to do it!

We will be getting a bigger bed for Levi soon, along with the necessary bedding, of course. I totally love the star quilt cover set, pictured below. I think it really suits my son’s imaginative personality.

stargazer charcoal quilt cover set

hexagon shelves

modern geo wool rug

As for the style I’m envisioning for the room, I’d like a collected, eclectic look, with some elements that tie together through their colour, pattern, materials, and mood. Some elements/ ideas I’d like to have in Levi’s room are: nature, adventure, and creating/ building. We love to go on treasure hunts together, around the house. Levi has such a great imagination. He loves to create and build things. He believes in magic. I think he would like to have stars and other cool patterns in his room. He loves maps and globes. I want to incorporate those elements, too.

triangle sticker wall and striped rug


globe paper lantern




white cube shelves with globe

He also loves Lego, so I want to make a letter “L” with Lego, along with him, to hang on his wall. I think he will really like that.

Lego wall letter on painted wood

I’m going to create an art collage above his dresser. I’ve got a few pictures already. I’ll just need to buy or make one or two more pictures to bring it all together. Over time, I’m sure it will evolve, as Levi grows and changes.

art collage wall

fox with bee on its nose drawing

choose your own adventure wall hanging

I hope my little boy will love his big boy room, and enjoy it for years to come.

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My Office Inspiration

Last weekend, we painted a space in our home which I have been referring to as “my future office”. Seeing the space painted a fresh new hue, I’m getting excited about making the space officially my office. Today, I’m sharing some images which are inspiring my designs for the space.

My Office Inspiration

I chose a lovely shade of aqua for the wall colour, one of my favourite colours. I was inspired by the above image, when choosing the colour. I also love the art collage above the desk, surrounded by that massive gold frame. That’s so inventive and pretty.

blue toile antique sofa in swedish home via

In the space, there is an inherited antique sofa and a beautiful oval antique mirror hanging above it, which we got for quite a bargain at our local Sunday market. I am planning to make a couple of blue and white chinoiserie toile de jouy cushions for the sofa, to make it more comfortable to sit on. I love blue and white chinoiserie decor. I want to add a little of that in my office.

My Office Inspiration

I love to mix old and new things. To balance the antiques in the room, and bring the style into the present moment, I want to have more contemporary pieces, like a sleek white desk, a Ghost chair, and a fabulous lamp. I’d love to have a few golden touches, to give the desk a chic mood.

My Office Inspiration

My Office Inspiration

Adair lamp via

I’m picturing a pretty pin board hanging above the desk, filled with inspiring images, as well as those random bits of paper that I end up keeping for a while (my son’s drawings, advertisements for things I don’t want to forget about, etc.). I might like to hang some art works around it, too.

My Office Inspiration

For storage, I like the look of tall open shelves and floating white shelves. I’m not sure what I’ll do about that yet. Just getting a desk will be a great start!

white and gold shelves above white desk via pinterest


My Office Inspiration

I would love to add a pretty rug, to cozy up the space, and bring everything together, visually. Blue would be ideal.

Ashleigh rug from


I hope to be able to give you a “big reveal” sort of post about my office, in the somewhat near future. Stay tuned!

The Sweet Groove of the Melodies by Yolanda Sanchez
The Sweet Groove of the Melodies by Yolanda Sanchez

I just had to include this beautiful painting, because I love it so much. The colours and the feeling it brings me are so inspiring. I would be very happy to have something similar in my home.

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