Black Cat Garland

I’ve got a fabulous craft for you today! This Black Cat Garland is so cute and so quick and easy to put together. It would be perfect for Halloween, a party decoration, or a decoration for a kid’s room.

Black Cat Garland

In fact, this cat garland started out being made of yellow and black cats. I originally made it for my son’s cat-themed 5th birthday party, a couple of weeks ago (which you can see, along with the other cat-themed decorations and cake I made, on my Instagram ). He is obsessed with cats. He asked for a cat-themed birthday party. Of course, I said yes!

Then, my son had the brilliant idea of making all the cats black and using the garland as a Halloween decoration! Isn’t he clever? (I’d like to think that some of my arty/ craftiness is seeping into his consciousness, but maybe he’s this clever all on his own.) So, I took off the yellow cats and made some more black ones for the garland, for Halloween. Of course, you could make the cat garland any colour you like. I can picture an adorable pink or pastel-hued version.

Black Cat Garland

Here’s how to make the Black Cat Garland:


  • 2 sheets of black poster board
  • twine or thick white cotton string
  • clear tape
  • metallic permanent marker
  • pencil
  • scissors


  1. Draw and cut out a cat head template using thin cardboard (I used a cereal box). Or you could cut the cat shape out, to trace around it.Black Cat Garland Template
  2. Trace cat heads onto poster black poster board, using pencil. The ones I made are about 5 inches across, I think. I recommend making an odd number, like 7 or 9. I think asymmetry looks the most balanced.
  3. Cut out the cat heads.
  4. Draw faces on the cat heads, using metallic permanent marker. This type of marker will show up beautifully on the black board. (You can use any kind of marker you like, for other colour cats.)
  5. Lay the cat heads face-down in a straight line across a large table, spacing them as evenly as possible, about one inch apart.
  6. Lay twine or thick white cotton string across the tops of the cat heads, making sure the centre the twine through the middle of the ears. Leave enough twine at each end, for hanging the garland.
  7. Using clear tape to attach the twine to the cat ears. Be very careful to keep the cat heads and twine very still, as you work, to keep everything aligned properly. Black Cat Garland Back
  8. Tie a knot at each end of the twine, to prevent unraveling.
  9. You can hang the garland using the twine, or poster putty/ Blue Tack. If you use putty, cover it up with small circles cut from excess poster board.

Black Cat Garland

That’s it! One spooky Black Cat Garland completed.

Happy Halloween!

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