Friday Finds

Vincent Van Gogh - Blossoming Almond Tree (1890)

Hello! Happy Friday!

Hope you’ve all been having a lovely week! My week has been a little stressful, since my son hasn’t been well, but he’s fine now, which is such a relief. We’re going to go to a playground, today, to enjoy the beautiful spring weather we’re having here. It’s time to unwind and get ready to enjoy the weekend!

Oh, hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been been posting much lately. I have a few recipes ready to go. I just need to make time to edit the photos and share them with you. So, stay tuned for some delicious stuff coming up! In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the links below.


Here are some of my favourite finds from this week…

This rhubarb pie is absolutely gorgeous!

I just love the bright, beautiful, family-friendly home of illustrator Brittany Viklund in Oklahoma City.

Just look at these exquisite mini poached pear cardamom cakes. They would be perfect for a special autumn dessert.

I’m definitely going to try this baking hack for using a can inside a round cake pan in place of a tube pan, the next time I want to make angel food cake.

These cinnamon sugar-coated baked pumpkin donuts look delicious!

Comfort foods don’t get much better than this hearty chicken tartiflette.

I would love to try making this stunning tiramisu cake! My partner loves tiramisu, so I’m always looking for recipes he might enjoy.

These DIY photo booth props are so cute! They would be a lot of fun for guests at any party.

I really want to make this Hawaiian shrimp scampi (aka shrimp truck garlic shrimp) soon. It looks so simple yet so tasty!

My new favourite home renovating show is Restored by the Fords. I absolutely love interior designer Leanne Ford’s stylish renovations of historic homes. She really knows how to breathe new life into an historic home, while respecting its original spirit. Of course, her own home in L.A. is super stylish and fabulous, as well. (I wonder what her take on my not-yet-stylish 1989 house would be… ?)

Cannoli is one of my very favourite desserts. I always get it, along with a cappuccino, at a local cafe. This recipe for homemade cannoli is on my must-try list now.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


{Image, above, is Blossoming Almond Tree by Vincent Van Gogh (1890) found here. This is one of favourite paintings ever. It perfectly suits this lovely spring day.}

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