Beach Craft

beach craft

Have you found yourself bringing home natural treasures from the beach (or your little one has)? Then, once you’re home, you put them all in a little bowl–which is lovely, but you kind of wish you could display your finds in a more creative way.

Well, that’s what I was thinking, so I decided to hang them on a branch. I had seen something similar on instagram (oh, how I love instagram!). I had filed that image away in my brain for future inspiration. Another summer rolled around, and my little boy and I came home from the beach with a handful of shells, a stone, and a seagull feather, and I knew just what to do.

beach craft

Now you do, too. It’s so easy. Just get some string (I used kitchen twine), and a branch, and hang your treasures on it. You need to either find shells that have holes in them, or drill small holes in them. You can also wrap the string around the shells and stones.

beach craft

My son enjoyed helping me with this craft, too (until he got bored, and decided to go watch tv). He’s 4. If he was a little older, he might have the attention span to do more. He loved collecting the shells and sorting them out. He also loved watching me string them up and turn them into a wall hanging.

beach craft

Once you have tied all the shells, etc. onto lengths of string, lay the strings out along the branch, to check the spacing. If you feel like securing the items a little more, just use a tiny drop of glue on the knots. I did that, on a few spots. When you’re happy with the spacing, secure each string to the branch.

beach craft

Then, use a length of string (I doubled mine up, to be stronger), knotting on each end, to suspend the branch on the wall. I used a Command hook on the wall, in case I decide to change things up later.

beach craft

See how easy it is? Now, get those shells and stones out, and string up some of your favourites. It will make you remember being at the beach, and you’ll feel just a tiny bit more relaxed. Sounds good, right?

beach craft

Those of you up in the northern hemisphere can save this for later. Summer will return, and you’ll be collecting your own treaures. You could use other things, if you’re not into shells, like crystals, pine cones, seed pods, and the like. A forest-inspired wall hanging would be really cool, now that I think of it. So, there you go. An easy craft to bring some natural beauty into your home.

beach craft

All photos and writing copyright Kim Sequoia 2018 for a delicious moment.

If you would like to blog about this project, please use your own photos and wording, and link back to my original post. Thanks.

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