Levi’s Room Inspiration

My son Levi is almost four years old. Time certainly does fly! Since he’s a “big boy” now, I want to give his bedroom a makeover.

green wall colour

I’ve been bringing together my favourite images for inspiration for his bedroom makeover. I’m thinking about painting most of the walls a light neutral grey, and painting the wall next to his bed a leafy green. I feel that this shade of green is exuberant yet calming. It reminds me of hiking in my favorite forests, back in Ohio. I’m hoping that Levi will feel inspired by this colour, too. I don’t normally like the accent wall look, but, for a kid’s room, I think it might be a good plan. Their tastes change so much in so little time. This way, if Levi decides he doesn’t like the colour, we can easily change it. Every time I ask him what colour he would like in his room, he gives me a different answer, so we’ll see how he likes the colour green. I love it so much, so I’m just going to do it!

We will be getting a bigger bed for Levi soon, along with the necessary bedding, of course. I totally love the star quilt cover set, pictured below. I think it really suits my son’s imaginative personality.

stargazer charcoal quilt cover set

hexagon shelves

modern geo wool rug

As for the style I’m envisioning for the room, I’d like a collected, eclectic look, with some elements that tie together through their colour, pattern, materials, and mood. Some elements/ ideas I’d like to have in Levi’s room are: nature, adventure, and creating/ building. We love to go on treasure hunts together, around the house. Levi has such a great imagination. He loves to create and build things. He believes in magic. I think he would like to have stars and other cool patterns in his room. He loves maps and globes. I want to incorporate those elements, too.

triangle sticker wall and striped rug


globe paper lantern




white cube shelves with globe

He also loves Lego, so I want to make a letter “L” with Lego, along with him, to hang on his wall. I think he will really like that.

Lego wall letter on painted wood

I’m going to create an art collage above his dresser. I’ve got a few pictures already. I’ll just need to buy or make one or two more pictures to bring it all together. Over time, I’m sure it will evolve, as Levi grows and changes.

art collage wall

fox with bee on its nose drawing

choose your own adventure wall hanging

I hope my little boy will love his big boy room, and enjoy it for years to come.

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